“Calling Owls” at Roberts’ Roost

On Sunday, September 7th, Roberts’ Roost Country Guest House held its first “Owl Call”. Friends of ours, Bob and Sandy Walton conduct the “Owl Prowls” that take place twice a year for the Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge. After seeing both Great Horned Owls and Barred Owls and hearing Eastern Screech Owls at Roberts’ Roost we decided to give “Owl Calling” a shot, on an evening close to full moon. The weather was beautiful, the marshmallows, graham crackers and candy bars tasty, and the owls were cooperative. It took about 15 minutes of Bob calling Barred Owl calls for them to answer. We had a pair of adults, with what sounded like a juvenile, that flew into the edge of the woods across the field from where we were sitting. They carried on quite the conversation with Bob, back and forth along with a lot of what are called the “Monkey” calls. There were also two more Barred Owls quite a distance away, calling from the surrounding woods. Thanks to Bob and Sandy Walton, our neighbors, John, Sarah, Trap, and Eva, and our kids, Stacie, Kenny, and Alyssa for a memorable evening at Roberts’ Roost Country Guest House!


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