Taking The Road Less Traveled!

Stone Arch Bridge Stone Bridge Road Lanark Illinois

Stone Arch Bridge Stone Bridge Road Lanark Illinois

Awhile back, I saw a photo on Facebook of this Stone Arch Bridge just outside of Lanark, Illinois. The photo had been posted by Sherry Vidinich of “Hickory Hideaway Cabins” I must say I have lived in Carroll County for all 61 years of my life and never knew this beautiful old Stone Bridge existed. I had never driven on Stone Bridge Road, just on the west edge of Lanark, even though I have drove by it hundreds of times in my lifetime. When I set out to find this bridge, after the photo I had seen intrigued me so much, I actually ended up discovering a second bridge I had never known about.

When you say Stone Arch Bridge in Carroll County, what comes to people’s minds is a more historic one that reportedly Abraham Lincoln camped by in 1832. The history is rich for this Stone Arch Bridge. As far as I can tell, this one is no longer visible from the highway, but there is a historical marker for it along Highway 52 and 64 close to the Carroll County / Ogle County line. Here is a photo of that marker.

Stone Bridge Historical Marker

Stone Bridge Historical Marker

Here is a link to a complete article on our “Carroll County Tourism” website about this historic old stone bridge. http://visitcarrollcountyil.com/stone-arch-bridge/

After discovering the historic bridge marker yesterday, we went on to find the beautiful old bridge I took the photo of above. The “Bridge That Goes To Nowhere”, how I would love to know the history of this remarkable landmark that has stood the test of time.

Yesterday, I took “the road less traveled because it was the right road at the time” for me. Seeking peace and solitude, and a beautiful sunset, I found it on a little known back road in Carroll County, Illinois.

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