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Welcome to the Roberts’ Roost Photo Gallery, home of “Photography by Connie Zink”. Birds and animals in nature, along with Connie’s love of “old barns”, and the local scenery has turned a passion into a photography obsession. Never leaving home without a camera, Connie and her husband Dennis, roam the back roads of Northwest Illinois, searching for wildlife, birds, beautiful landscapes, and the remnants of  what were once, some of the grandest barns of the prairie.

Connie and Dennis’s  love of birding, provides many photo opportunities. Searching for birds to add to their “Life List” adds ample chances for great nature photos. Connie’s love of a beautiful sunset will also be showcased here in this collection of photos.

Having grown up on a farm, playing in barns as a child, Connie’s  love of “old barns” continues to this day. So many of the old barns are gone now and many more will fall to ruin in the next few years. Because of that, Connie decided to start a collection of “old barn” photos before many of them are lost forever. Some of the barns on this page will be from lands once owned by Connie’s ancestors, others will be ones she has ran across that pull on her heart strings.  On this page you will find many of Connie’s favorite “Old Barn” photos.

Connie also has a passion for old trees and bridges with a special emphasis on the iconic Savanna-Sabula Bridge at sunset. The bridge crosses the Mississippi River into Iowa at Savanna, Illinois. This beautiful old bridge is scheduled to be replaced with a new modern bridge in several years so the importance of saving this beautiful structure in photos is of extreme importance right now.

Here is Connie’s most popular print of the iconic Savanna-Sabula Bridge:

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All of the photos on this page are available for purchase from Connie. Prices for prints only and double matted prints are as follows. 

Photography by Connie Zink website

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Other sizes are available so please inquire. 

Custom framing is also possible so please inquire. 

For questions please call Connie at 815-565-0024 


Do you have an “Old Barn” you would like to have photographed? 

Photography sessions can be scheduled for photographing your “Old Barn”.  Session costs and photo packages available upon request.


.Beautiful old barns in the landscape around Illinois and Iowa.



Butterflies and Moths that have visited.



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  1. Kathy Funk

    I want to order 7 – 8×10 and 1 – 11×14 picture of the Savanna/Sabula bridge you took late May 2015. The picture shows the bridge with sunset colors yellow, pink and purple. if you have questions you can contact me at 815-541-8636


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